BANKEY BIHARI INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT CO.(BIPCO) has been a reliable Manufacturer of quality Plastic products and fittings since its founding in 2010. It is a Proprietor Firms and run by Mr. Happy Sharma. He is a Plastic mold engineer and pass out from 2006 to 2010. We strive to follow strict quality control policy in our entire factory, which support us to uphold our market credibility.

BIPCO is dedicated to manufacturing high quality injection molded products, providing timely deliveries and creating an atmosphere of continuous improvements where all employees strive to keep both internal and external customers satisfied. BIPCO understands that in today’s world you are looking for a company that is knowledgeable within your industry, provides excellent service and high standards of quality products. Our team will work with you from inception throughout the lifetime of your project.

Our quality assurance is integrated into all processes that guarantee the final product you receive is built to your specifications. Products are made here at BIPCO by continuously monitoring the manufacturing and assembly process from beginning to end, using documented First Article Inspection, In Process and Final Inspection Procedures. Our modern injection molding machines are configured to your project’s specifications and monitored to maximize quality and efficiency. The result is a process that is reliable and repeatable. We institute these rigorous standards for the pharmaceutical industry and all industries that we serve.

Bipco is committed to providing its customers with high-quality products at competitive prices. They also offer excellent customer service and support.

Here are some of the things that make Bipco a great company to work with:

  • They have a strong commitment to quality.
  • They are dedicated to providing timely deliveries.
  • They create an atmosphere of continuous improvement.
  • They are a reliable manufacturer of plastic products and fittings.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of high-quality plastic products and fittings, Bipco is a great option.

Polyamide Spiral Conduits- PA 6 ​
nylon cable gland
Cable Clip

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