Cable Nail Clip

Cable Nail Clip

Cable Clips are widely used across industries in managing cables and wires by firmly securing them to a surface such as a wall, floor or ceiling.

BIPCO cable clips conform to CE and ROHS specifications and are made of impact modified polyethylene, which provides excellent stress and creep resistance. All our cable clips come with a high quality nail attached so as to maximize customer value by reducing application time and cost.

Cable clips are readily available in all sizes in white colour. Other colours can be manufactured against orders.

 4MM5.34.01.7 X 15
 5MM6.05.01.7 X 15
 6MM8.06.01.8 X 16
 7MM8.67.01.8 X 18
 8MM9.58.01.9 X 19
 9MM10.79.02.0 X 23
10MM11.510.02.1 X 23
 12MM13.512.02.2 X 25
 14MM16.514.02.3 X 30
 16MM18.016.02.35 X 32
 18MM20.518.02.6 X 38

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